In no clear order:

  • I didn’t expect there to be Debian packaging of info-beamer. I need to read the documentation a bit further to see what I am getting into with this. With luck I can use this on the streaming channel that is being developed as a “video bulletin board” programming set.
  • I’m waiting to hear back from my general practitioner. The news we got in at home was not pretty for one family member. That it has collateral impact for each individual family member is not cool. Depending upon how testing plays out for me I might wind up as somebody’s research subject.
  • The weather is on a swing upwards at the moment in terms of temperature. This has unpredictable consequences. That Lake Erie is going to be ice-free soon can lead to some really bad consequences if we get some bad Lake Effect Snow set up again.
  • Resource availability is a challenge. There are things to be done to make things better locally. Unfortunately we’re in an area that wants money for nothing and checks for free, as the song goes. I’m hitting my creative limits on stretching things perhaps. As much as I don’t want to consider the possibility of doing a fundraiser it seems like I may not have a choice.