Well, the employer’s website is now MIA. I’ve run traceroute but the results just end up going nowhere. A check of whois indicates that the domain was just updated on November 1st. A check of isup dot me showed that they have no problems accessing the employer’s website so I’m stumped. Fortunately I am not back-end IT for the employer.

The shrieking of MAGA partisans in a pro-Putin/anti-Ukraine fashion is really disturbing me. If they win control of Congress we’re going to be heading into a very dark biennium. I am going to enjoy The Mads Are Back with another great movie riffing on Tuesday night in the live show since I can’t really do the anxiety of the results all that well.

According to the Ohio Department of Health ranking it seems Ashtabula County is seventh in the state for COVID-19 transmission at the moment. That’s a dubious honor.

On a positive note, though, I am making this look like an actual normal blog.