Today is not a day for travel. Mind you, the roads really are not all that plowed still. With three city plow trucks doing racetrack loops around Main Avenue instead of doing the rest of the city streets Sunday when we were coming home from church, I don’t think the situation is all that great. Main Avenue is not that big and it doesn’t take three big plow trucks to clear snow unless you’re scraping up asphalt too.

Keeping in mind what Alistair Buxton had to say about teletext I intend to do some experimenting. I really want to move forward on getting some sort of television programming up. With all the emergency conditions we had over the weekend and as unreliable as Facebook has proven to be for disseminating information we need to have something in place.

I really do not want to go with the penny press newspaper production via LaTeX plan instead. The code for that is basically settled as it is. What I do not have settled is production capacity to print a community startup newspaper akin to what Zvezda was trying not all that long ago over in the Russian Federation. I don’t have the seed capital to even start looking at gear from Konica Minolta at this point let alone other vendors.

We’ll see what erupts, eh?