Sometimes you see something like a Letter To The Editor in The Star Beacon that you question what reality you exist in. The letter by Mary Ellen Blake looks like it occupies a different universe from the one I do. I understand the drive to promote “free speech”. I also recognize that we have someone who is effectively a cult leader out there who can whip mobs up into a frenzy sufficient to cause “continuity of government” plans to be invoked to protect a branch of government.

It does not help when you have your very own local member of the US House of Representatives dismisses crazy talk from Donald Trump as mere fantasy. Was it a fantasy that the Capitol Insurrection happened? Even if Representative David Joyce thinks Mr. Trump is spewing crap the people listening to Mr. Trump have shown that they can’t tell that he’s spewing crap.

It is not like I can avoid looking at realty listings for nearby boltholes. I do have some partiality to islands even if they are in a lake that is still bigger than the Sea of Galilee.