I did add a strange line or two to my bio on mas.to. It states:

I was around the fediverse before it was even called the fediverse. I remember the days of StatusNet, pump.io, and more. I’m not quite an Eldritch horror but I remember the days when ActivityPub was still being drafted.

My first post to Identica is from 14 years ago. The term fediverse was definitely not used then. It is a bit of retroactive continuity to try to date the start of fediverse back to the creation of Identica. The best the editor group at Wikitionary can come up with is dating a first use to 2013. That pretty much makes me an elder beast when it comes to the fediverse as I have had an account on Identica for an unbroken 14 years. I remember when ActivityPub was being drafted way back when and none of us expected today’s life circumstances to be facing us all.

These are just strange things to encounter. I sometimes feel bad adding those three sentences to my bio. So many people are approaching Mastodon, Pleroma, and the rest of the Fediverse with a sense of wonder as they’re facing something new to them. I’m in the position of having seen way too much history.

Culture can and will change. I know the continuing insistence in many cases upon using “Content Warning” tags is quite likely going to collapse. When my own Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor therapist is asking me if I am using those tags to any of my posts then perhaps they might not be the healthiest things to be engaged in. One of the biggest problems in social media settings right now is the amount of shade tree psychology/psychiatry that dispenses rather bad advice.