I finally had someone outside Erie Looking Productions look at the draft planning for standing up television production locally. No, it would not be easy. No, it would not be cheap. Yes, it is needed. Oddly enough, the assessment of need is not solely my own.

A lot of hits on Ko-Fi would help provide seed cash. What would seed cash go to? At this point it would go to setting up an appropriate LLC. A sole proprietorship isn’t the best fiscal mechanism for handling the finances of an endeavor like this.

Other funding avenues will need to be explored. As nice as crowdfunding sounds it seems implausible in terms of success here in Ashtabula. There is at least a category for things like this on Indiegogo though things are a bit murky on Kickstarter.

This is not nearly as easy as it looks in an area that is so highly vulnerable socially as Ashtabula County.