Well, Saturday saw another visit to MicroCenter out in Mayfield. We got the DisplayPort cable. After we brought it home we hooked everything up and tried to fire up the computer. What did we get? Yes, we got beep codes that indicated a failure that we cannot fix. We will be heading down to MicroCenter after church to either exchange or return the bloody thing. This has been a frustrating misadventure so far.

There have been other frustrations in other ways. I’m still figuring out the best ways to use Coffee Meets Bagel and it is otherwise slow going on that platform. I’m having trouble getting started on the weight management project that was set out at the last session with the GP. My “social invisibility” in town is also very bothersome lately as I can been seen as a human being more when I am outside Ashtabula County compared to when I am within it.

It isn’t as if we aren’t also having issues locally in Ashtabula County due to COVID-19…oh, wait…

Partial screen capture from the CDC COVID-19 dashboard showing Ashtabula County at status "High" on the new system.