The question does arise periodically as to how my own works might be funded. There are plenty of ideas to be explored, mind you. None of those ideas are free to work through, though.

I still have books that I wrote available for purchase on Amazon at Eventually a fourth fiction book will be written and released for purchase. Life needs to calm down from being so weird before I make further progress writing.

I generally prefer books being in people’s hands. People like to look for Liberapay and Ko-Fi. All I can say is that those options are available in addition to simply sending an e-mail to talk. With life being so depressing at times frankly creating cultural works helps keep our society rolling.

With the sudden closure of a road segment on Ohio Route 531 plus the other somewhat crazy news stories popping up it seems we need to bootstrap the possible plan for an online free television channel. There is nobody in Ashtabula County within enough millions of dollars laying around to help us pay to dislodge a television station license from its current owners. Compromises while looking for a middle road will be needed expeditiously.

It is difficult wanting to change things for the better when you live in an area that tolerates chronic service failures as well as not caring about anything at all. We’ll see what erupts, eh?