Some people do “year in review” posts at this point in time. With the news I got blindsided with immediately after Christmas Day frankly I have had qualms looking back on the year. There certainly was good news during the year that was. The bad news that I just got hit with is going to increase the number of medical practitioners that I will be visiting in the next sixty days, though. I’ll certainly be pushing for the comprehensiveness of the information at being improved.

From late August through mid-December I got to take part in a new adventure in Erie. It certainly was a wonderful experience. Based upon the apparent need to be accessible to Case Medical Center starting in February, it may be a little bit difficult to continue with such things in the spring. Sometimes “Semper Gumby” means taking different paths for a little while for various definitions of “while”.

The redistricting battle that captured my attention during the first half of this year is quite possibly coming back in 2023. It is too bad it went as poorly as it did in 2021 and 2022. I’ll be looking forward to the petition drive in the coming year to try to amend the state constitution to fix the process so that we don’t go through this nightmare again.

I do not plan on running in 2023 for any elected office. The key ones up for election in Ashtabula City are “City Manager” (unlike anywhere on the planet our city manager is elected and effectively a mayor instead), at-large members of city council, and two ward seats for wards that I do not live in. I do not want Jim Timonere’s job. I don’t want either of the at-large seats. That being considered there is nothing left for me to try to run for on the 2023 ballot.

The round-up of top local stories from The Star Beacon is fairly depressing reading. The round-up in The (Jefferson, Ohio) Gazette will run as a multi-page spread over a few weeks. Yes Virginia, we have a heckuva crime problem locally.

I learned the hard way why Raspbian doesn’t install LibreOffice on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Apparently the JRE doesn’t install correctly and without that dependency LibreOffice won’t run. That set me back on testing using the Raspberry Pi Zero W as a video bulletin board generator. The streaming effort that should launch in 2023 is somewhat delayed while I determine which alternate option to try with the Zero W.

This is more of a frustration than a total roadblock. I could probably whip up something using feh while I continue to work out how to use info-beamer. I also need to work out how to download appropriate tiles on an automated basis from zoomed in on the local area. If I have to fall back to the vodcasting alternate plan then I can take advantage of pre-existing work I did in 2022.

I wish I could say this was more organized. It isn’t really sufficiently organized. Then again, this hasn’t been all that organized of a year. I have no predictions for 2023. I can only hope that it is a better year than 2022 was.