Well, Twitter is becoming even more of a hell realm. If you don’t subscribe for the new Twitter Blue you’ll essentially not be seen or heard. The site is essentially a pay site now. That means my time there is rapidly coming to an end unless this changes. This blog is going to be the primary thing going forward.

I don’t know what to say in light of all this sudden shifting, really. No, I’m not taking another shot at Mastodon. That way leads back to madness. There are many social networks out there but they get increasingly niche the further you go. Facebook is essentially a toxic waste dump thanks to the MAGA people so I know I won’t be returning there. I could get all retropunk and go back to BBS-ing but that’s something requiring a bit of an investment of time and thought.

All of this is happening less than a few days before the 2022 General Election. What could go wrong?