Things are just weird right now in this very strange country. A significant faction of the population is bent on revenge over something that never happened. That faction has shown it is perfectly happy with carrying out violence. Its leader is very likely to announce his campaign for the nation’s presidency next week which would launch an unprecedent two year campaign.

We have a man striving to become Our Maximum Leader. That’s not normal. It isn’t healthy for a democracy to have that happening. Yet here we are.

I keep feeling the tug that perhaps it is time to go. Staying isn’t likely to be a good idea. I am a homeowner with a mortgage, though. Relocation isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. I also don’t have a clear idea as to what destination I am actually thinking about. I just know that it is getting darker in the USA.

Even though I am a Christian I can say that I don’t recognize the form of faith expressed by the so-called “Christian Nationalist” groups that are now ascendant in the Republican Party. I think that’s the main thing freaking me out. When a political party turns into something resembling a religious crusade full of zealots it certainly seems like something has gone wrong. Political rallies that double as prayer meetings are things that would baffle the apostles. The group of so-called prophets in the orbit of the man from Mar-A-Lago provide a Christian-seeming veneer to what is ultimately just politics. People easily forget the golden statue of that man at CPAC that pretty much rips off the idol of the golden calf mentioned in the Pentateuch!

I know there are brethren in the church out there who are not crazy. They’re mentioned in the Christian Chronicle often enough. I’m not sure there is a congregation on Pelee Island, though. There are brethren in places like Ararat and Ballarat according to the last check I made. The big question is whether or not I reach out to take a plunge. I probably should talk to the local congregation’s leadership first before doing something like that.

I want to be singing “We Shall Overcome”. I think we don’t know the metes and bounds yet of what needs to be overcome. Screwy things await us.