A tweet from the *New York Times* about Elon Musk spewing misinformation

Okay, I am a wee bit worried now. The new CEO to Twitter is essentially running the site down by posting his own garbage. Who can challenge it? Frankly nobody. The only way to challenge is to simply walk away at this point. I’m already in step with “Popehat” in terms of taking action.

A tweet from "Popehat" stating that he is creating an account off-Twitter to jump to

Ron Filipkowski put it sharply:

Ron Filipkowski stating that he is diversifying his online posting locations

Things are just very messy at the moment. We have crazy people attacking politicians and their families in violation of the assassination statue 18 USC 351. Republicans of the majority faction of the party are all in a snit trying to secure the levers of power at the moment. The minority faction is finding itself adrift without a real political home.

There is already a joint intelligence bulleting warning of domestic extremism while Steve Bannon is apparently calling for violence. POLITICO is drawing parallels to the 1850s as to our currently unsettled environment.

If I could accurately predict where things will go then I wouldn’t need to have a day job. I normally have runs of bad luck when visiting casinos. Preparedness is going to be the key to our near-term weirdness in America, it seems.

In other news:

  • We got the livestream feed fixed so that it will show in the nursery in the building. That way anybody who has to head back there can keep up with service and not miss out.
  • Plans are continuing to be developed for the big project.
  • Eventually I will be doing some radio “data modes” stuff on shortwave before the end of 2022. It seems prudent.
  • The project for building low-budget community penny press newspapers using LaTeX will hopefully get more attention from me soon.