We had eleven visitors out of the thirty-nine people attending the Christmas Eve service at Geneva Church of Christ. With all the nasty weather we frankly weren’t expecting more than four to five people. Other churches on Ohio Route 534 between Ohio Route 84 and United States Route 20 abandoned their Christmas Eve service plans yet we just kept on trucking. The replay is available on YouTube primarily.

There is still a regular Sunday morning service happening on Christmas Day. I will be presiding over communion during the service even! With luck we figure out the problem with the audio before the start of the service tomorrow so that folks on the live stream do not have issues.

The weather outside is still a mess. It isn’t a good situation when Interstate Route 90 is safer and easier to travel on in contrast to United States Route 20. We’re getting new lake effect snowfall tonight to add to the mess we’ve already received. This has limited my exposure to the outside world as might be imagined.

According to the forecast we’ll have to wait until we get into 2023 for things to thaw out slightly. More nastiness could still come down the pike, though.