In no particular order:

  • I just noticed that I am not listed on the LISWiki blogs list in a currently active blog. Then again, I was still working for $EMPLOYER at that time and blogging was against the regs if I wasn’t a GS-1035 doing the blogging for $EMPLOYER. At the time LISWiki shut down I was in the last few months of working for $EMPLOYER before departing in October 2019.
  • That there were more attacks on electrical substations worries me. People need to become familiar with what the notion of accelerationism happens to be. This branch of the bad guys is trying to build towards a goal as they seemingly exploit a supply chain weakness
  • It is still too cold and snowy out to really be outside much. The skin on my right hand is really messed up from exposure to so much cold. For having lived here as long as I have I should be better adapted to this.