A miscellany of brief items in no particular order includes:

  • Data downloads have been initiated for any presences I have on Twitter. It is questionable as to when results will be available for download. Once those are complete those accounts will lay fallow.
  • I am scheduled to preach at Geneva Church of Christ on December 11th. My topic is yet to be determined.
  • Apparently my recent letters to the editor in The Star Beacon inflamed quite a few Republicans locally to the point of expressing seemingly violent opinions that didn’t happen to be “true threat” levels of concern. That’s kinda sad. It was very funny to see that they at least searched for me, found Erie Looking Productions, and then couldn’t get the name right by calling it something stupid. I suspect I am being subjected to quite a bit of hideous name-calling on Facebook.
  • I still have to find a new episode to put up on ELP Television.
  • Yes, I am one of those folks expecting outbreaks of violence depending upon how the election turns out Tuesday. The MAGA people crave violence for no clear reason. I don’t think they’ll like it if they get what they’re seeking, though.
  • I’m still considered locally to be a non-resident even though I am a homeowner, lost a race for city council, graduated from high school locally, and got an associate’s degree at the local campus of Kent State University. Being neither Roman Catholic nor Lutheran let alone Pentacostal puts you well outside the “good old boy network” locally and leads to an interesting bit of social exclusion.
  • Work continues on trying to get WEFAX reception up in-house. The closest station would be NMF in Boston. Fortunately the western Atlantic charts still include Lake Erie in their scope.
    • It would be nice to get APT/LRPT reception up too but that would take quite a bit of work
    • NAVTEX is seemingly contraindicated as the one station covering the Great Lakes has co-channel interference on 530 kHz from a station the CRTC isn’t cracking down on sufficiently
    • Getting licensed to make my own data blasts like that is difficult to comprehend in the present rules promulgated by the Commission
  • I still need to look at finding space to set up an appropriate server running Citadel so as to have a BBS running.
  • I am still aware of the time shift and will handle it appropriately.

A chart received using a WEFAX decoder plugin on a KiwiSDR networked receiver in Ontario, Canada.