Well, Mom’s computer decided to die. Doing so on Black Friday of all days was a bad thing. Rather than wait I decided to go on an expedition to Mayfield Heights to visit MicroCenter. I had put in a web order before we departed to pick up a refurb desktop knowing that it would be ready while we were still en route. I figured by afternoon the crowds would have died down.

I was wrong. I was very, very wrong.

The line to check out was wrapped around the store. The place was jam-packed with people. That was the most highly occupied place I have been since the start of the COVID-19 situation way back in March 2020. Yeah, I was wearing a mask in this situation. I picked up a few minor items before we got in line such as an on-sale small SSD, an external SATA enclosure, an external sound card, a USB-C HDMI capture card, and a couple other things.

The trip took all afternoon. In all of that mess I forgot to get a DisplayPort adapter so that I could hook the computer up to Mom’s monitor. I’ll be heading back to MicroCenter on Saturday since nobody in Ashtabula County has such adapters in stock.

Beyond that visit to MicroCenter the only other shopping I engaged in was visiting the Get Go Cafe at Get Go in Painesville when I stopped to fuel up my car. The Get Go Cafe there isn’t as nice as the one in Erie on Bayfront Parkway. The gas is cheaper in Painesville, though.