In no particular order:

  • I suppose I need to look at twtxt a bit.
  • I had not planned on opening an account on a Mastodon node any time soon yet it seemed to have happened anyhow.
  • The network connection bounced at church during service Sunday. That caused the livestream to be disrupted. The recording had to be posted after service to replace the incomplete stream recording that YouTube had on the channel. Surprisingly Twitch was able to handle the bounce a bit better.
  • Even though today is Election Day I am not working a polling place today. I had to stand down for this election on account of a conflict caused by the employer.
  • I’m not looking forward to the outcome of the poll. I’ll likely be watching the state-level tracker for state rep seats to see if Kathy Zappitello wins.
  • Making progress on weight loss plans is still a goal. Whether it is one calculator or another I have to move forward.
  • I am still learning more about the INTJ mess. It explains quite a few things.
  • I will be enjoying The Mads Are Back in lieu of fretting over election results with the network news live coverage Tuesday night. I already voted early. I’m expecting results to be weird as it is.
  • I’m getting to the point of not wanting to plan all that far ahead. I can’t really say that I am taking life day-by-day but planning more than a week ahead is getting increasingly counterproductive. A time for reassessment is coming.