Clipped screenshot of a poll on Twitter run by Elon Musk concerning reinstating Donald John Trump to the platform

Well, that’s frankly rather disturbing. Mr. Musk really wants to appeal to a core audience of craziness. Keeping the Trump dream alive definitely resonates with part of the economy, perhaps. It is part of the economy I truly do not want to take part in. The former president has done so many wild things that the Justice Department brought in a former war crimes prosecutor who handled cases from Kosovo to handle the January 6th and classified documents investigations. Wouldn’t a reasonable person think that perhaps that’s a clue that we may be dealing with a supervillain here?

That screenshot was from the middle of the afternoon on Saturday. Later on Saturday this popped up on my Apple Watch:

Screenshot from watchOS of a notification from the Cleveland19 app indicating that Donald Trump is seeing his ban from Twitter being rescinded

We’re seeing bad things happen now!