Well, everybody’s least favorite cult leader went ahead and announced his formal resumption of campaigning for the presidency of the United States of America. He practically never stopped after he lost in 2020. He just made it official Tuesday that he is back in the running for a primary that won’t even be happening until 2024. It was very painful to watch the speech he gave from Mar-A-Lago as it had very little connection to reality and sound more like what you’d hear from a patient in a psych ward.

And yet, he could very well win the GOP primary if nobody can sufficiently stand up to him. That disturbs me greatly. Family commented during the speech that the former president sounded like he was giving a psychological permission slip for yet another coup attempt. The unstated message in the framing of the event was how much it called back to the events arranged by the German film director Leni Riefenstahl for that infamous dictator who sparked a major worldwide conflict. Looking at a clip from one of her films on the Internet Archive compared to some of the recent rallies really gives me the creeps considering how close the visual design is between the two scenes.

Family know that I want to relocate to Australia or Canada. Such things are easy to say but relatively complicated to implement. As life here gets increasingly weirder I’m going to eventually need to come to some conclusions as to how I want to handle things. The upcoming outcomes are not looking too good for far too many people.