Once upon a time the Conneaut Cable Advisory Board said they were entering into discussions with Vimeo to shift their public access channel off cable to streaming video. Great Wave Communications was wanting to get out of the cable television business as it wasn’t profitable enough to them any more. That was in 2020 but I hadn’t heard anything further. Fast forward to 2022 and I finally found their presence on Vimeo. Conneaut CAT-TV can be found at https://vimeo.com/user126359532. Sadly it is mostly video on demand rather than streaming.

There was a PEG (public/education/government) channel on Charter Spectrum’s system in Ashtabula that was used historically by Ashtabula Area City Schools. There was also one used by the Ashtabula campus of Kent State University. It doesn’t look like either are still operational. Kent State Ashtabula transitioned over to using YouTube as part of what appears to be a system-wide shift.

There aren’t many video programming originators in Ashtbula County outside churches and the local governments broadcasting video of their meetings. The Conneaut Cable Advisory Board is the most general purpose program originator that we have.

I would do a screen cap of the Facebook page for the county sheriff’s office but frankly the level of ignorant comments by residents are just embarassing. We should do better than this. This may be somewhat indicative of why people leave this area and never come back.

Scaled shot of the intersection of United States Route 20 and Ohio Route 11