Bloomberg reports that small businesses here in the USA are not paying their rents. That’s somewhat disastrous for our economy. The top states where these problems are happening are Pennsylvania, California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Massachusetts is seeing half of small businesses in that state unable to pay their rent. If a business can’t pay their rent that generally means closing is in the cards. Considering how leveraged the commercial real estate sector happens to be right now, this will have major ripple effects in our economy.

Our Ashtabula County Republican Party is also in a bit of a tough spot. They’re hosting their own virtual television channel using the Rumble service online. Rumble was initially backed by the venture capital fund run by JD Vance. Guess who else uses Rumble nowadays? If you guess Russian propaganda from RT, you’d be right! The story from the New York Times is simply horrifying.

The number of radio station deletions at FCC shows no sign of abating this year. The media sector of our economy is in bad shape. Ad revenue is drying up. If anything we’re looking at a potential economic crisis in the near term.

I suppose I need to be looking at WEFAX reception soon…