Twitter continues its slow glidepath to ultimate destruction. On Thursday night the accounts of several journalists were suspended without any known reason. Twitter also claims that links to Mastodon sites are “dangerous” and the Join Mastodon account is suspended without any idea of why.

I’m at a loss. I know there is debate as to whether or not people should stay or go. I’ve made my choice that staying to continue the fight against disinformation and other evils is not mine to wage. Frankly I think we lost that fight on Twitter. As the random suspensions begin to escalate it seems the field of battle is being cleared of contenders.

I recognize that Mastodon is not for everyone. Frank Conniff even noted in a recent show that he had trouble making heads or tails of signing up for Mastodon. Some folks are checking out Post but that appears to be waitlisted. If Frank has to push the button he’ll shift away from Twitter to Instagram as far as I am aware.

No, Twitter may not necessarily continue like it once was. Elon “Elmo” Musk is definitely bringing transformation to the service. He’s also not paying the rent on the company’s office space and refusing to pay vendors. Considering how much Mr. Musk is intent on having people working only in offices the coming wave of evictions may truly be exciting.

It is apparently quite hard work to run a social media site into the ground.