Merry Christmas!

Even though the bomb cyclone moved on we’ve still had lake effect snow hittings us here on Lake Erie’s southern shore. The roads have not been well-plowed. Getting to church was quite the expedition this morning. It was kinda interesting that the start of service was held up until I got there. Today’s service was a short one after having conducted a Christmas Eve service last night.

All this cold and snow this weekend just reminds me why we have so few electric vehicles on the roads of Ashtabula County. In terms of area Ashtabula County is on par size-wise with the state of Rhode Island. This county is the largest in Ohio. The round-trip distance between home and church is thirty miles. With as badly as the cold impacts the performance of batteries in electric vehicles they just would not be all that useful out here considering the distances most commonly driven. I imagine they’d be far more useful in denser urban areas. Rural and exurban areas like Ashtabula County don’t seem to be good places to use them.

Do I want to move to a warmer climate? Yeah, I think I do. Am I ready to trade off being near top doctors and top hospitals at Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland for a warmer climate elsewhere? That’s the much harder proposition to handle.