I had a disturbing thought while I was in Erie on Monday night. In the new ranking system from the CDC we are at the highest risk level in Ashtabula County when it comes to COVID-19 at the moment. Over the state line in Erie County they’re at the lowest risk level.

This is just senseless. We have been at a steady clip of new hospital admits of 10-15 COVID-19 each week here in Ashtabula County. As of the data check last week our county was found in the top four percent of all counties in the United States. Much of the spread of COVID-19 these days is preventable. Erie County shows it can be done! In the drive by many of the ornery folk locally to be “ungovernable” they’re instead beefing up the ranks of the obituaries section this year. This totally reflects the lack of educational attainment locally.

Hopefully people will change their ways as we head into 2023.