In no particular order:

  • It appears was down last night.
    • I have no clue why the Mastodon instance was down.
    • I could shift to another instance.
      • There are plenty out there
      • It is already hard to choose where to be
    • I lack the patience to attempt to self-host at this time.
  • Thursday was road trip day to Erie
  • I can tell I have been writing too much LaTeX coding when I get nervous about typing an ampersand or dollar sign. Escaping special characters is not really necessary in Markdown but is in other markup languages potentially.
  • Our hospitalization numbers in Ashtabula County for COVID-19 are starting to trend upwards. That’s not good.
  • The press release about Christmas Eve services at Geneva Church of Christ should go out Friday at some point.
  • No, my sermon for Sunday morning is still not written.
  • I had almost forgotten I had participated in the SantaThing event of the LibraryThing community. There may be one or more books on their way to me.
  • I need to figure out what is wrong with the Flutter install on my MacBook Pro M1.
  • Even though the candidate requirements guide has been posted by the Secretary of State I do not think I will try running. The only things that are up this time are school board seats, the at-large seats on Ashtabula City Council, and township offices.

Breakdown by broad Dewey Decimal Classification categories of my current book ownership

Graphical download from CDC COVID-19 dashboard showing state of hospitalizations in Ashtabula County.  They're not great and they don't seem to be getting better.