I have done some tweaking to the blog to try to get it working in a more conventional fashion. Old posts will be found on the archive page. The front page will show only five posts. The RSS feed will show only twenty posts. Everything will still live in the git repository that this is built from.

The vodcasting experimentation site at https://coyote.works/ has had similar changes made to it. If I cannot get the streaming situation figured out within the next two weeks we’ll simply shift to launching vodcasting as a public service in our local commnity. Once the viewers have their podcatching set up appropriately they would be in good shape. The big question is how much effort would viewers be willing to expend since it would not be found within Facebook.

Considering the intermittent power outages that happened throughout the day on New Year’s Eve I will need to look at commercial real estate. The closest data center is apparently in Richmond Heights and is owned by NCS Datacom. As much as I would like to do something with YunoHost at home it isn’t safe to do that in terms of infrastructure.

It is not like commercial real estate is bountiful locally in decent locations. My little century home doesn’t exactly have space to work out of. This is a bottleneck to have to work through.

Many challenges lay in wait in the year ahead, it seems.