With as crazy as it was today at both Giant Eagle and Marc’s, you’d think people were losing their minds. What are they reacting to? Are they expecting some sort of apocalypse where we’ll fall backwards in terms of technological state? That is to say, something that looks like this:

AI-generated picture that LLaVa generates the following hallucinatory description stating: "The image features two beautiful women standing in a field, posing for the camera. Both of them are wearing green and blue tops that showcase their toned bodies. One woman is holding an open book while they pose together, adding interest to the scene. In addition to these elements, there's also another smaller figure visible on the left side of the image but it appears less prominent in comparison with the main subjects."  There is no smaller figure, though.

Yeah, that would be a kinder and gentler outcome that stories like The 100 never quite reached.

I have my suspicions as to what was causing the weird behavior earlier today but I’m going to keep them to myself. I don’t like where those suspicions lead.