Well, the economics of television and cinema are going haywire. The Writer’s Guild is heading to a strike quite possibly too. We might see the airwaves full of unreal “reality television” crap in the near term.

With that in mind I keep thinking back to “Season 8” of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You might be wondering what that might be since there were only seven seasons on television. The so-called “Sesaon 8” was a comic book run led by Joss Whedon. It was used as a means to wrap up story lines.

For all the television shows getting the axe unceremoniously right now, is this a possible way to bring some closure to their stories? Production is expensive and nobody wants to pay for it right now when it comes to scripted television. Some of these conglomerates have their hands in print publishing outfits too such as Disney owning Marvel although they’ve not really had the cancellation problem that Warner Brothers Discovery (ultimate owner of DC Comics) has had.

These are tentative thoughts that are not fully developed. Closure to stories is good. Working through the bizarre state of our economy will require some creativity to ensure stories still get told.