Well, the first attempt at posting a weather report did not look so hot. We had an issue with filming an actual presenter in front of the DIY green screen. We simply did not have enough lighting to have that person lit.

I have the automation scripting posted to Launchpad that I keep iterating development upon. It is by no means perfect. It should reduce some of the fiddly bits involved in making this happen, I think.

A big problem in doing this is that my “office” at home is pretty small. There really is not much room to work in. Other than swapping out the really cheap webcam being used I need to get an alternate location to use. I have no funding to pay rent for a commercial space, though. That means a fundraiser may need to come sooner rather than later.

I should sleep on how all this played out and write more in the daylight Thursday. The constraints we have are rough but there has to be a way to pull this off. I just haven’t found it yet.