Well, it has leaked out that local law enforcement as well as representatives of the federal law enforcement establishments are gearing up for a possible indictment to drop in New York City in the week ahead relative to Donald John Trump. Since these would be state court charges he would not be able to pardon himself as to these charges if he was elected President of the United States. He would have to be Governor of New York state to issue the pardon and since he is now legally a resident of Florida that option is precluded. Governor Kathy Hochul may well issue fairly quickly the extradition warrant under Article IV, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution.

Why the worries about violence? Well, concerns were being raised in the Los Angeles Times last year in July as to him over possible charges about the US Capitol riot. At a rally in Texas Trump himself was telling his followers that the prosecutors were villains persecuting him. Joe Walsh, a former member of the United States House of Representatives, made remarks last July likeneing any indictment of Donald John Trump as being akin to an indictment of a cult leader that would probably lead to fallout from the cultists.

Meanwhile, the former president has outright stated that he would have Ukraine surrender land to the Russian Federation to end the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Yeah, I missed the discussion on MSNBC nine days ago but I don’t have cable. I don’t pay for Peacock and the only news from NBC that I watch is via NBC News Now.

All in all this is a volatile mix. The fellow wants to be a warlord. Was the US Capitol riot our version of Germany’s Beer Hall Putsch?

Rather than Florida Man, the prisoners on the Satellite of Love faced their own Trumpy.