In no particular order:

  • MST3K Turkey Day marathon continues
    • This time it is a two day event
    • The season 14 fundraiser continues
    • I’m not sure the fundraiser is actually going to succeed this time
    • They need four million dollars and only have $2,264,368 (at last check today) with under two days left
  • The project slate for 2024 is clear at the moment
    • All that appears to be on the board is starting a TTRPG program event at the library
    • The usual regular health surveillance activities are also on the table
      • Regular for me that is
      • For anybody else they would be an indication that something was drastically wrong
      • For me it boils down to living with things that show up in (REDACTED) and GARD
    • It is too early to know if I will have anything happening in Erie
  • Setting up an archivebox instance seems like a swell idea this weekend
  • Trump is getting really freaky lately and is scaring the crap out of a whole lotta people
  • I tried Kapwing and was less than enthused with its output
  • I have access to Adobe Creative Cloud and I suppose I need to play with it a bit now

And finally…

With announcing their video-producing model, I can only wonder what a base picture like this would end up producing:

The prompt: "Three college-aged, short curl-straightened raven-black haired, feminine, rather tall, rather curvy, broad chested, wasp-waisted, very lean, very thickly muscle-bound, long-limbed female bodybuilder Celtic warrior monks dressed in durable tropical exercise attire from the faraway land of Nicodranas are jogging with heavy handheld weights and bō staves.  They are jogging together along the lakeshore near the school they attend, Weirdsister College."