In no particular order:

  • I finally got the Raspberry Pi Zero W hidden in the basement working with PageKite. A static page is being shown by it for now. The server in use is webfs. The next steps are to get HTTPS running on the thing.
  • I will be singing at church with the praise team Sunday. This will be quite a change compared to normal proceedings during service. Basically the praise team and the tech crew are both part of the worship ministry team. I’ll just be working with a different facet of the worship ministry team Sunday in contrast to normal Sundays.
  • Backstops are being introduced in light of the countdown to “X Day” continuing with no sign of stopping.
  • The software-defined radio dongle is hooked up to a computer in the office and we have some reception but not of what I want. I may have to go dongle shopping. If I could automate things with a scanner we would be in a better position. There are various over the air broadcasts to be received and processed for use.
  • I need to get an appropriate rigging in place to record the audible audio frequency shift keying of the weather facsimile broadcasts by NMF in Boston. This needs to be compartmented and not be dependent on access to the Internet.
  • Power outages are continuing to randomly happen in Ashtabula. This makes the town feel more like a place in the Third World than anything else. Dad apparently got hit with a power outage at the gas station when he tried to fuel up his vehicle. No electricity means no way to get the pumps to pump gasoline. Simple restoration of power didn’t result in fast restoration pumps, alas. All in all this is just get ridiculous.
  • I’m starting to work out a list of costs and needs for bootstrapping a streaming station. I’m not happy with how the costs for a minimal station are coming out. Few people like to pay for things in this town. Unless I could find a wealthy patron this may have to be shelved.