I have a bit of a nasty telehealth appointment in a few hours. Sleep will be definitely needed. Before I head into that I’ll write a bit of a miscellany. In no particular order:

  • Yeah, the morning telehealth appointment may have major consequences for my life. Fortunately I have a telehealth counseling appointment in the afternoon. I’m the last one in the family to get test results back as we’ve been navigating our way through the crisis that started the day after Christmas. Even if I don’t have the condition I do have immediate family members diagnosed with it. The leading authority on the condition is based at Cleveland Clinic downtown so we have some good support available.
  • On Tuesday I was walking Petey in Indian Trails Park. We entered via the East 51st Street Access Road entry point. The access road is quite a walk down to get to the floor of the river gulf. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn and decided to just try to climb back up the side of the hill to get back on the access road. Unfortunately I misjudged where we were along that ridge. I hadn’t planned on going rock climbing with the chihuahua. Petey has a bad habit of getting afraid halfway up such trips and wanting to turn around to run. Unfortunately turning back on this ascent was rather contraindicated. Neither of us was hurt and we got out of there okay.
  • It is looking like the streaming startup project may not be doable. I went through the various prevailing wage figures and tried to work out an operating budget with a skeleton crew. A year’s operations still came out to costing a quarter of a million dollars. Prevailing wage is still lower here in contrast to most other places. Wages would be the largest expense. Tech costs would actually be the cheapest part of the matter.
  • I have a domain procured so that I may be able to resume podcasting. The likelihood of that happening in the near term is slim.
  • It seems like we’re looking at August 18th as X-Day for the federal government running out of cash. That assumes collections stay on track at the Service. We’ll know in April after that month’s estimated tax payments come due on the 15th how badly off revenue estimates are. If estimates payments on April 15th are less than expected then the X-Day would come far sooner.
  • There is further I’d like to write but sleep is needed…