Screw it, I was going to write about something else but I wound up deleting it. It was for the best. If you read the backscroll on that channel you read the backscroll on that channel. Just know that I am quiet on that channel because I have been really, really busy with stuff at the employer rather than trying to duck people.

Total Party Kill is the best escapism that I can get at the moment. Frankly commuting an hour each way to the work site in Erie is hard. Random health goofiness hasn’t helped either. Listening to Tony Sindelar run games while I am driving on Interstate Route 90 and Interstate Route 79 helps keep me going on the long drives. I also listen to programs from Big Finish Productions quite a bit while on the road, too.

I have been looking at a TinyD6 quickstart. These are useful sorts of things. What that might lead to is a different question, though. Additional escapism is the goal.

The world is looking really bleak this autumn. We’ll all be needing some escapism, I think.