Right now we are heading into dangerous times. There was a political convention meeting over the weekend that had speakers, who happened to be elected officials talking about having portions of their populace “eradicated”. A former elected chief executive openly talked about military intervention in the country’s cities to impose “law and order” as well as bringing the imposition of mandatory death penalties for a variety of sex crimes. That same former chief executive also called himself the people’s “instrument of retribution” who could avenge the wrongs members of his party have faced since he was ousted from office.

In any other country on the planet where this sort of stuff is going down this is normally a prelude to a refugee crisis. This is normally a prelude to something very, very bad happening in a country. Countries fall when major political parties start trying to normalize extremism like this.

That may be why I have such a problem that I’m referring to things said by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald John Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend in National Harbor, Maryland. There is nothing conservative about wanting to “eradicate” the nation’s transgender population. There is nothing conservative about wanting to ignore the Posse Comitatus Act and put troops in the streets to impose order.

There is no “letter to the editor” submission to The Gazette this week. It is increasingly unsafe to do things like that. In a pro-MAGA community like this you can’t say things like what I’ve just written above without blowback.

Remember, going full metal MAGA is the path to madness.