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It does feel like somebody made a slip and set everything off-kilter. With the one sister still in the hospital down in Mayfield Heights the animals are not taking things okay. Their world has been rocked yet again. The chihuahua is still looking for her and is wandering around the house trying to see where she is hiding.

In keeping with my normal practice since I entered the federal civil service for the second time way back when in 2013, I will not be watching the State of the Union address. For my six years of being a federal civil servant in the 21st century there was always a bureau-specific and department-specific recap in the morning after the address. I usually waited for that to see what the departmental secretary had to say as well as the bureau commissioner’s take on things. I’ve been out since late 2019 yet I still have kept on skipping watching the address even though I don’t have updates to look forward from senior executives in the morning.

The Raspberry Pi 4 that I ordered from a vendor abroad arrived a few weeks ago. I finally remembered on Sunday to pick up a case and fan for it at MicroCenter while I was in Mayfield. I got it cased last night. I intend to get it set up today to get it running.

What is the mission for this? More than likely I will be setting up warcprox on a device somewhere in the house and start running non-sensitive browsing through it. Archiving the Internet that is there now can be a good thing.

The nice people at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District posted this article and it is quite amusing: flush or fiction: how many of these top 5 toilet stories are actually true?. I commend it to all readers.

In conclusion, consider this quote:

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