I’ll apparently be attending a symposium at Cleveland Clinic later this month. It will be an all-day event on a Monday down in University Circle. It should be a quite interesting event that I will be attending in-person.

There’ll be an open webinar hosted by Penn State dealing with an introduction to ChatGPT for educators. I’m signed up for that event and look forward to it. How we handle ChatGPT in the classroom at the college is a hot topic right now.

Microsoft has an event on the 16th about reinventing work by using AI. What could possibly go wrong? It was reported by The Verge that it is supposed to be revealed at this event that ChatGPT is going to be incorporated into Microsoft’s office suite. That could impact the subject matter I teach, oddly enough.

At some point I have “Lunch and Learn Webinar Series: Recent Developments in US Foreign Relations Law and Research Strategies” to attend online courtesy the Law Library at Library of Congress. That actually will be fun. I miss being a librarian. I used to be one of the people conducting bibliographic instruction not a faculty requester of it.

Is this an idiosyncratic mix? Yes. Bear in mind that the mix of events listed in the community calendar in The (Jefferson, Ohio) Gazette on Wednesday listed only fish fry and pancake breakfast events. Unfortunately The Star Beacon is still shrinking on page count and I haven’t been able to justify picking up a copy at the current price for so few pages of content to look for events.

I am anchored to northeast Ohio for the time being with the only real options of other places to live being Melbourne in Australia and somewhere in the Netherlands. I have to work within the limits of my available resources. As much as I might do better elsewhere, it appears many alternative living locations are presently foreclosed as options to me.