This is another miscellany of various items. In no particular order:

  • Thanks to Prime Premiere I went down to Valley View to watch in an actual movie theater the premiere of Daisy Jones and the Six. The episodes of the show that were shown were interesting. Having seen Imogen Waterhouse in The Outpost it was very strange to see her older sister Suki in something. They look very alike although Suki is taller than Imogen. Suki plays the role of a keyboardist in Daisy Jones. Imogen was merely the queen of the realm in The Outpost.
  • We are enjoying The Ark courtesy Electric Now at home. It is a great show. I was not going to sign up for Peacock just to be able to see the show via SyFy. I’d much rather pay the producers directly.
  • I am going to be spending time researching prevailing wage rates for a variety of jobs. I know people locally have very skewed perceptions as to value, price, and cost. In planning to build a streaming video operations I would end up having to pay prevailing market rates at a minimum to recruit staff. If anything I would have a premium on the prevailing rates as this area would be considered a hardship station. Average hourly pay for a cameraman in the northeast Ohio market is USD$20.22. There is research to be done.
  • The Star Beacon is getting even thinner. It is now averaging two sections of six broadsheet pages each. The next step down from that would be to produce only a single section of eight pages. From there it could collapse further to a single section of only four pages. The problem with these shrinking print editions is that there is no concurrent increase in online material. Output is down overall at the title. I don’t know what CNHI is up to but we’ll be lucky if the Beacon survives the year.
  • The dating project has been left by the wayside for the time being. As much as I want to pursue it I have let it slip in the priorities. It will be pursued again at some point in the year ahead.
  • No deal in sight on the federal government’s debt ceiling means that I have to start being very careful in how I schedule things. Nothing major should be scheduled after June 5th for the time being. That’s simply being on the safe side right now. If the federal budget breaks I don’t want to be caught in a mess yet again. I still have not so happy memories of the 35 day shutdown that kicked off in 2018.