On my way home from the site in downtown Erie today I stopped at a location in Millcreek. I found a Friendly Local Comics Store called Books Galore out on Peach Street. I picked up two graphic novels while I was there. The place was rather tiny compared to Captain’s Comics in North Kingsville let alone Robot Zero Comics in Geneva.

Captain’s Comics moved out of the former bank that they were located in and shifted into a former restaurant further north on Ohio Route 193. It is a slightly smaller location than they were in previously. It is right at the corner of United States Route 20 and Ohio Route 193.

Robot Zero Comics is on United States Route 20 near the junction with Ohio Route 534. They’re the primary place I visit when I go to procure a comics item. I have them set up in ComicHub.

You might ask why I don’t use Comixology. That’s easy. DRM and Amazon in an environment like we have right now simply lead to madness. I much prefer to have my hands on physical items that I own instead of digital items that are effectively leased.