There are plenty of things on my mind at the moment. First and foremost is the impending financial chaos that would be caused by a financial meltdown caused by the federal government defaulting on the debt. My parents are pensioners and would be in a very, very bad position if the federal government wound up broke. Of course, if the feds wind up broke there will be pretty quick ripple effects since many state and local governments are required to invest their inactive monies in federal treasury bonds.

People have been trying very, very hard to put a positive spin on a possible debt default. Those journalists and others doing so are lunatics. Heck, Donald John Trump was in front of a television studio audience advocating for our country to default on its debt. The linked article identifies three members of the GOP caucus who agree with Trump and it only takes five to destroy the ability of the caucus to be able to pass legislation opposed by the Democrats.

The United States of America is not the Hellenic Republic and yet we’re going to very much be in the same state financially. This isn’t sane. This doesn’t have to happen.

Every indication that I have seen so far indicates that we are going full speed ahead on this idiocy.