In no particular order:

  • I need to move.
    • Sunday night sounded like World War III in the neighborhood. The firing off of fireworks is banned within city limits but people really don’t care any more.
    • We have multiple economic aspects locally entering an adverse spiral situation.
    • There are even more Confederate battle flags popping up in unexpected places locally
  • Building a standalone streaming channel is hard
    • The regular installer for OpenBroadcaster seems to be borked
    • I’ve been looking for a suitable broadcast automation solution for streaming video on a somewhat constant flow
      • There needs to be a bit more than a single live program flowing
      • I want to have a “broadcast day” that can be programmed
      • I recognize that setting up my own instance of owncast for doing something like this would be needed
    • I don’t have a suitable fiscal structure in place to support such an effort
      • A sole proprietorship isn’t the safest thing to do with the amounts of money involved
      • It takes time to get the paperwork cleared to set up an Ohio LLC
      • I would have to hunt around to find a decent bank to use for corporate treasury services
      • These are all predicate steps to launching any sort of crowd-funding effort
    • Our local daily newspaper owned by CNHI is becoming a ghost of its former self
      • There seems to be no easily understandable reason why it is still being published
      • Averaging only 12-16 broadsheet pages per issue is not a plan to stay in business let alone remain a “newspaper of general circulation” under Ohio legal ad standards
      • The only other newspapers in the county are the regional weeklies that share the same editor and almost all the same content
      • As this isn’t getting better we need to do something
    • Commercial real estate is a nightmare here that has held this back and I still don’t have a good answer to it
  • Work continues
    • The commute is still rough
    • As legislation moves through its steps in the statehouse in Columbus, doing this sort of work tasking in Ohio is increasingly not in the cards
  • Church life continues
    • We’re still streaming and people are still watching
    • I’m still there at Geneva Church of Christ
    • As much as we may not like it, we’ve come to accept that in an area with as bad of a set of health outcomes as Ashtabula County there will be a wider range of “shut ins” with nasty health issues who won’t be able to rejoin us in the sanctuary in the current environment
  • I shot my mouth off about starting an actual play podcast of Linux world people playing a suitable TTRPG and now I’m wondering how I can make that happen

Your Reading Homework:

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Park, P. S., & Goldstein, S. (2023, September 4). AI systems have learned how to deceive humans. What does that mean for our future? The Conversation.