Now that we’re on the other side of Thanksgiving it is time to start thinking of goals for 2024. This year has been a diagnostic odyssey where I have bounced around from one medical specialist to another establishing baselines for something newly diagnosed. The only plans for 2023 were to keep teaching and keep following up with my appointments. Now that we have baselines for all but one area things can calm down. It is no longer a catastrophic emergency ringing every alarm bell in my life.

I certainly didn’t battle-shop this year. I don’t intend to do so next year either. I’ve worked those days on behalf of a retailer and generally try to not set foot in a store unless I absolutely must.

The problem is that I am not sure exactly what I want to do. This is why I want to start thinking about this now. With the backdrop of a totally insane presidential contest there is likely going to be a bit of a malestrom brewing in the social infrastructure of the country. It is better to think now as to what I want to do than to try to make it up on the fly while things are going to crap.

For now, I’ve got this:

  • Get a new story written
  • Teach a new class in a new cognate area

I’ll think of more as time goes by, I assume. These are just early, initial thoughts.