Sometimes a person just gets really busy. It gets interesting when you get busy enough when wind up not posting to the Linux Matters channel on Telegram, not posting to Mastodon, letting your e-mail pile up unread, and neglecting your blog. Yeah, it has been that sort of time since I last wrote here.

Recently I visited Indiana. I’ve never visited Indiana before. During this trip I got to visit my aunt and uncle in a town called Anderson. That town is situated between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. Although I had wanted to go to GenCon in Indianapolis at that time there was a security situation that made doing so a bit treacherous.

I wound up playing tabletop role playing games for the first time in online environments. Frankly it was the first time playing TTRPGs in any setting at all to the best of my recollection. The two one-shots were fun that I participated in. I have looked on roll20 to see if there are other games I might be able to join that can fit my odd schedule.

Our knowledge ecology has continued to fall apart in Ashtabula County. The big problem here is that there is no clear way to keep something sustained. The daily newspaper is still averaging around 12 pages per day. That’s less than we need for it to be a “newspaper of general circulation”. That seemingly had consequences for the Issue 1 campaign in the August special election. That’s another story for another time, though…