Let’s look at some of the things that caught my eye in NetNewsWire.

Scripps News among others has reported “US: Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine”.

I thought The Nevers was a great show when I watched it over at the aunt’s house. The back half of the show is now finally available but you have to catch it on Tubi.

If you are a masochist you apparently can install Windows 11 directly to a Raspberry Pi. That just seems so suboptimal even though TechRadar talks about it too. If you’re going to go that far off the beaten path then consider trying RISC OS instead. Their wiki even has discussion of using it to build laptops featuring the BeagleBoard, oddly enough.

TechRadar is wishcasting as to seeing an Apple Silicon Mac Pro this year.

The axe is still swinging at Warner Brothers Discovery as Judge Mathis and People’s Court have been canceled.

Somebody did a write-up on running a Nextcloud server using OpenBSD.

Karen Kasler reports that statehouse legislators are proposing to mess with the state’s tax systems again. Our state has many issues that could be addressed. Tinkering with the tax systems is not one of the most pressing problems out there.

People still write about tools for communicating in difficult circumstances as well as offline. Every day in Ashtabula County could be considered “difficult circumstances”, I think.


Another sad headline: Female Bodybuilder Nashali Alma Fights Off Male Attacker in Alarming Viral Gym Video. People are getting crazy. My main reaction is to wonder why she didn’t clock him with a dumbbell.

Bruce Schneier brings up the very real danger of AI lobbyists. Politics is gonna get weird. ChatGPT could accelerate things like the QAnon cult, it seems.

So, there is a BBS Builder available that people can use. If you run SyncTerm you’d be able to access the end product of using that tool.

Apple is starting an in-house film school?

Open Technology Fund, a component of the United States Agency for Global Media, is working on a summit to counter Internet shutdowns. This could be a good thing.

COVID raises your risk of diabetes by 58% even with the supposedly less concerning Omicron spreading around.

The great Les Pounder points out the RetroFeed project for Raspberry Pi that might be something I could pursue some day. It would make a great piece of set decoration if nothing else.

Microsoft killed off Yammer finally.

Microsoft is changing up its certifications a little bit.

Our intrepid legislators in Columbus are proposing a new way to break the Internet for everybody.

Somebody is proposing an ultimate open source laptop running on RISC-V.

Apparently DiscoBSD is a thing.

Netflix has taken Arrested Development down. Good luck watching it now if you don’t have it in a DVD box set.

LibreOffice is at version 7.5 and competes against Microsoft 365 apparently now.

SlashFilm gets fairly direct by saying in their headline: “In The Age Of Streaming, TV Preservation Matters More Than Ever”.

All of this was marked in my RSS reader. Enjoy!