Is Donald Trump going to be indicted Tuesday? It is very weird for the target of an indictment to know the date and time they’ll be arrested. It is most likely that nothing will happen in terms of him being arrested or not on Tuesday. It is likely, though, that the various cultists will spark protests and riots across the country.

There are several investigations by different jurisdictions that could lead to Donald Trump being indicted. In many respects it just boils down to waiting for somebody to go first. Unfortunately Mr. Trump has been a very bad boy quite possibly with prosecutors in multiple states plus the federal government considering credible charges.

Why would he even post what he did? It primarily stirs up the disinformation/misinformation machine. It was a preemptive strike against law enforcement in this country. If he could deligitimize his prosecution in any way he would most certainly try. It looks like he did so by trying to frame the situation as a vendetta against him instead of the wheels of justice turning more slowly than usual.

This is not a good place to be standing as a country. We can’t let this go on and letting the madness go on is detrimental. Getting out of this mess isn’t going to be easy, alas.