It looks like the way forward on the streaming channel project is that I will need to recruit a board of control. Yeah, I cannot run the thing solo. I am no “Benevolent Dictator For Life”. Television, regardless of the transmission medium, requires the work of many to make it work. It would be nice to offload the administrative stuff and just focus on the tech, too.

Considering the bias locally against sole proprietors I would have to do this anyhow. There is nice guidance from the Ohio Secretary of State as to bootstrapping a business. There is also a guide on how to make an LLC in this state from the Secretary of State’s office. There is a difference between impossibility and just being a pain in the butt to organize. Hopefully I can recruit some initial board members who agree with the vision of getting this started.

Properly launching efforts by Easter would be nice. Might it be possible? We’ll need Nextcloud Talk as well as Nextcloud Office as well as Collabora Online for a small/medium business back-end bit of infrastructure. Yeah, we would need Nextcloud Hub and Collabora Online as well as plenty of storage space so that we could work around the lack of an in-person workspace. At least one perpetual license for Corel VideoStudio Pro would be beneficial as not everyone would be willing to work with kdenlive or OpenShot. We’d have to invest in a CDN eventually which would likely mean getting set up with Vimeo. Various bits of gear such as cameras, microphones, and lighting would need procuring too. Proper “work” computers would be needed from either B&H and/or MicroCenter.

This could be done, I think. We’re on the way to being there, it seems.

AND FINALLY… Quoting #retoot

Post by Foone. "Damn it. It's 2023, why can't I find a db25 to centronics cable in my cables bin? How am I supposed to plug in my dot matrix printer now?" Posted on Feb 24, 2023 at 22:30