Monday is a bit of a road day. I have to head into northern Medina County for a medical appointment. I’m actually double-booked on webinars with one starting at 1900 UTC and one starting at 1930 UTC. The one starting at 1900 UTC is the more important of the two as it relates to teaching with respect to ChatGPT. Considering my my role with the employer that is kinda sorta a high priority event to observe.

Attendance at church in-person was bad Sunday. Then again, it was nasty yet cold out. Online viewership wasn’t too great either during the in-person service. It isn’t that Paul and I are scaring people off with our preaching. If we are scaring people off then they’re not really ready for quite a lot of things.

That’s part of the problem with being a “red wave” county. The “Christianity” being exhibited by many of the Trump supporters is kinda heretical in some respects. I’m part of a tradition that is quite hardcore on literacy and education. I don’t mean only biblical literacy. Christian Churches/Disciples of Christ/Churches of Christ are very, very big on education and being able to actively learn God’s Word. When people hear the gospel mangled at these MAGA rallies then of course what they’re going to hear at Geneva Church of Christ is going to sound discordant. We’re moderate and relatively normal theologically. America is never mentioned in the Bible. Donald Trump does not fulfill some secret prophecy known only to a select few. Having Christians assuming control of the powers of governance to create a perfect world runs counter to much of the New Testament where Jesus tells us that His Kingdom is not of this world.

Seeing so many people get taken in by con artists is just scary. It is also why I keep feeling like we’re heading for a siege situation soon akin to Waco or Ruby Ridge. The fanatics are already making plans to head to Palm Beach to prepare for action.

Well, I suppose I should head off to sleep. I just needed to express this as best I can. Life feels very isolated in a community like this when you’re not on board with the MAGA team.