Since we’re past the one year point in this blog it is interesting to look back at what was being talked about one year ago. On this day last year I wrote:

Clipped screenshot of a poll on Twitter run by Elon Musk concerning reinstating Donald John Trump to the platform

Well, that’s frankly rather disturbing. Mr. Musk really wants to appeal to a core audience of craziness. Keeping the Trump dream alive definitely resonates with part of the economy, perhaps. It is part of the economy I truly do not want to take part in. The former president has done so many wild things that the Justice Department brought in a former war crimes prosecutor who handled cases *from Kosovo to handle the January 6th and classified documents investigations. Wouldn’t a reasonable person think that perhaps that’s a clue that we may be dealing with a supervillain here?*

That screenshot was from the middle of the afternoon on Saturday. Later on Saturday this popped up on my Apple Watch:

Screenshot from watchOS of a notification from the Cleveland19 app indicating that Donald Trump is seeing his ban from Twitter being rescinded

We’re seeing bad things happen now!

One year later we’ve found that Mr. Trump is sticking with Truth Social and isn’t really touching his restored X/Twitter account. He’s becoming increasingly kooky in what he is posting. X/Twitter is increasingly becoming a cesspool and advertisers are bailing out again after Elon Musk supported some vile anti-semitic content.

Things haven’t gotten better as time has gone by.