There is a way to get news programming launched even with the space limitation. I know I said in The Gazette that remote production techniques wouldn’t work here. To the extent that related to producing a traditional video program that is true. Going down a non-traditional path may make it possible.

Again, consider what is being done by Conneaut CAT TV with Hometown Happenings in its most recent edition. Martha is reading a script on-screen. Could I work with a narrated quick slideshow to provide a headlines service? It would not be optimal but it could be accomplished within the limits of available resources.

Keynote from Apple will export slideshows with narration to video. It appears that PowerPoint will do that too. I can’t find a way to do that with LibreOffice, though. There is mention of an extension to do that in the AOO listings but it pretty much lists only Windows support.

Groupware would be used as the theoretical virtual backoffice to make such a thing work. There would be a need to share calendars, share photos from events, share audio clips, and collaborate on slides. In theory the free iCloud service offers all that even if you don’t have an Apple device. Nextcloud would be usable but additional services would have to be layered on top to make things work optimally. Teams would be definitely usable but would also definitely be pricey.

Yeah, this requires further thought. It would technically be a setback. At this point I would rather launch something rather than continue with providing nothing at all.