Television is increasingly becoming Newton Minnow’s vast wasteland. That is to say, there’s increasingly nothing on that’s watchable. Much of what’s on isn’t even riffable! When I start to sound like The Mads or Mike, Kevin, and Bill let alone Emily and Jonah while watching regular broadcast you know something is wrong.

What’s the plan as shows go on summer hiatus? Well, we’ll be watching more of The Mads Are Back at my home. We’ll probably pick up the online version of Master Pancake Theater. I’ll probably visit my local comic book store more.

ABC is getting ready to launch a fall schedule made up almost entirely of “unscripted” programming. The CW is getting set to launch a fall schedule of sports, acquired foreign programming, All American, and an abbreviated 13 episode season of Walker. NBC cut back its schedule but is basically going to be the Dick Wolf channel. CBS won’t be changing its line-up too much but isn’t totally watchable on broadcast. PBS is great when it is of interest but there is plenty I am not interested in at times.

These are strange times.